NBSO Premieres Work by Connecticut Native

Xavier Blackwell-Lipkind, a ninth-grader at West Hartford’s Conard High School, was recognized by the audience following the premiere of his composition, French Coast by Moonlight. The program for the 2016 Young People’s Concert included the premiere of this work. Currently a set drummer and vibraphonist in the Jazz Ensemble at Conard High and a percussionist in the Greater Hartford Youth Wind Ensemble, Blackwell-Lipkind has been studying music since the age of four and began composing music while in the fifth grade.

You can see NBSO performing Xavier’s composition by clicking here. Special thanks to Smart is Cool for providing the link to this performance. The vision of “Smart Is Cool” is to celebrate the wide range of abilities in young people and to increase appreciation for their unique areas of intelligence by holding events to showcase the diverse areas of intelligence in young people and supporting young people utilizing their unique intelligence to create and implement projects/programs with the purpose of contributing to their communities and the world.



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